Princess Leonor Will be back in Spain This week

Princess Leonor of Spain will be back home for Winter break this week on Friday.
Leonor is currently a final year IB student at UWC Atlantic College in Wales and her fall term ends on December 09th. 

Most of the students will leave campus on the same day and international students will be heading to Heathrow Airport for home return. The school will start next term on January 05th in 2023. 

Princess Leonor joined the UWC in August 2020 and will be graduating in May 2023. Then after a summer break and before attending University, Leonor will be heading for a military training with all three forms of army. 
The Spanish Royal family does not have any official agenda this week. But King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain usually work upto the mid of the month before Christmas and New Year break. 

We might see Princess Leonor making atleast one public appearance during her time in Spain this month before the family release a picture to mark the Christmas. Leonor's last public appearance was Princess of Asturias awards followed by Exemplary Town awards in October this year