In the Aftermath of Oprah Interview

In the Aftermath of Oprah Interview
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This week was a Royally sensational week. We had been hearing rumours of a tell-all by Harry and Meghan for a long time and finally it happened. As expected, the interview was hyped to the sky. America’s one of the most famous talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey did her best to sensationalize the talk with her expressions and questions. I won’t blame her - she is not a journalist, it’s her job to present a juicy gossip to her audience. But what I found ironic is there was not a single question that would put the couple on the stand.

I was amazed at how Harry and Meghan lied with a straight face while character-assassinating the Royal Family. Same royal family that spent around 40Millions on their wedding, gave them worldwide acclaim, tried to cover their missteps (Bullying is a serious issue, and Meghan has been accused of bullying her staff that is currently under investigation), and when time came let them have their life away from the Royal duties.

In 2017, when I saw Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview, I pointed out a couple of things - Meghan claiming not to know who Harry was and not doing any research, the timeline of the relationship and how the couple claimed to hit the ground running. And I was called all sorts of name (jealous, sad, racists etc. ) But I am glad I was able to read the writing that was on the wall from the very get go and decided not to invest any emotion in their relationship. I did not watch the Oprah interview, some clips here and there and line by line coverage on twitter next day was more than enough torture.

The couple’s lies had already been dismantled by the media and many royal bloggers with ‘receipts’ and proofs. Jane from Berkshire to Buckingham and Royal Arjan has two very informative pieces. 
how badly they wanted to hurt The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine. The mentality of ‘if we can’t have it we won’t let you have it’ was glaringly obvious.
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But what hit me hard in this interview was how badly they wanted to hurt The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine. The mentality of ‘if we can’t have it we won’t let you have it’ was glaringly obvious.

Prince Harry is a born royal. He must know how Monarchy works and should have known that if he is criticizing ‘The Firm’ he is criticizing ‘His Family’. No matter how they play the words game the final target will always be his family. It was his tactless responses that hurt the most people in the UK and around the globe who love the Royals and follow their lives.

I am sure he was well aware of the fact that his father is planning to slim down the Monarchy and one day he will have to be there for his brother - Prince William, with whom he shares a common grief - loss of their mother. 

In his attempt to come out as a victim Prince Harry forgot that his brother was also the victim of the same tragedy.

Earlier this week, when Prince William joined his wife for a school visit, an engagement that was clearly meant for The Duchess of Cambridge only but William seems to be accompanying her to protect her from unavoidable queries, a reporter asked him a question that was born out of the words Harry and Meghan played. It was painful to watch Prince William and his wife paying the price for his brother’s betrayal.


Duchess Catherine had a decade of media harassment. From catcalling to stalking to privacy breach she had been subject to all sort of media scrutiny as Prince William’s girlfriend and even as his wife. Her family, especially her mother, suffered from the same media wickedness. British Media is the world's harshest media and women in the royal family have always been the first and worst victims.

But despite all this, Catherine stayed true to her relationship, she respected the responsibility that came with her love story. Neither she nor her family ever tried to cross the invisible lines. Not when she was a Royal girlfriend, not when she and William broke up and not when she married her Prince and became a Princess.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who took an extended maternity leave when Meghan joined to give Meghan an empty playground to play, had become a true royal asset with resilience and family values. Today, when she made a private visit to pay her tribute to 33 years old Sarah Everard who was murdered by a police officer, she was not out there as a royal, she was out there as a woman, who knew what it feels like to not being safe, what it feels like to be chased by men. Who would want a safer world for her daughter.

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The sad part of this bombshell interview is it will never go away. Meghan seems a very manipulative woman who lies with a straight face and always portrays her as the victim. In the interview, when she dropped the race bomb without giving a name - she prepared the pitch for the future media coverage. She gas-lighted a very serious conversation that has no name or context and was not even present for it. Every now and then we will be hearing this or that is the person who was racist but will never get a confirmation. Being called racist is a huge allegation. A confirmed press coverage that Harry and Meghan would not have gotten otherwise in the future after firing all of their guns.

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It is shameful that Meghan used her race to manipulate, an institution, the whole nation, American audience while there are people who actually suffers discrimination on daily basis because of their race, gender, ethnicity. And the ironic thing is her own friends have faced the same allegations. Meghan has a strange habit of proclaiming herself feminist while always coming out as a victim. It is always someone else' fault. A feminist who is raising her profile by attacking another woman - The Duchess of Cambridge. She undermined Catherine’s almost decade long harassment and at the same it was insinuated that the family was jealous of her popularity.

And Prince Harry, once the most-popular royal who was supposed to be her guide in this royal life, turned out to be a puppet without any inkling of the historical value he carries with his name. It was shocking to see the lack of information he has about his own family , the monarchy and its working. The couple needs to step away and take some time to rethink their priorities if not for themselves then for their children who for the time being seem to have a future with no participation in either side of the family history.