The Duke of Cambridge's New Top Advisor - Jean-Christophe Gray


The Duke of Cambridge's New Top Advisor - Jean-Christophe Gray

The Duke of Cambridge has finally appointed a new Private Secretary Jean-Christophe Gray. Kensington Palace today announced the new appointment. Mr Gray comes with a really high-profile resume. He was the Spokesperson to former British Prime Minister David Cameroon and worked with George Osborne as his private Secretary.

Jean-Christophe Gray is replacing The Duke's current acting private secretary Christian Jones who will be joining the private equity group Bridgepoint soon. Jones took over the temporary position from Simon Case, William's previous Private Secretary who joined the Team Boris at No 10. Jean has already started at the Palace last week.

Both Simon Case and Christian Jones played a very crucial role in Prince William's Public life in the last couple of years. As the Future Prince of Wales and then King of the United Kingdom, the position of Prince William's Private Secretary is of utmost responsibility.  

Known as 'JC', Gray who studied at Oxford University and The London School of Economics and Political Science, was working as the Director at Her Majesty's Treasury before joining Kensington Palace. He had worked with several chancellors, including Rishi Sunak, Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown. The Sunday Times reported, 

Jean-Christophe Gray has a reputation as Whitehall’s most assiduous bean counter. One of his former roles was to head the Treasury’s public spending committee, an internal chamber of officials who say “no, minister” to protect civil service coffers.

A Whitehall source said: “That is the home of the ultra-hawks who regard all the spending departments as useless muppets. Because he was so mild-mannered, no one ever really noticed he was a Whitehall velociraptor intent on kneecapping anyone who wants to spend money.

He has been described by Westminster sources as “the model of a mandarin high-flyer: clever, a little geeky and beyond reproach”.