Crown Princess Mette-Marit Talked about her Tailbone Fracture in Podcast

Crown Princess of Norway Mette-Marit talked about her skii accident
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The Norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit undertook her first solo engagement of the year and participated in a podcast for the National TV NRK. Crown Princess who is suffering from a lung disease pulmonary fibrosis has recently suffered tailbone fracture during ski-vacation ahead of Christmas. The accident happened on the ski slope in Uvdal, and the Crown Princess broke her tailbone at the lift in the ski resort.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit talked about her tailbone fracture
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Last week, Mette-Marit participated in the podcast with the host Else Kåss Furuseth of the podcast series The Kåss Furuseths. In the podcast, Matte-Marit said, "I have just started skiing again, because I managed to break my tailbone just before Christmas. It was so embarrassing. In addition, it is not because I am a Crown Princess or anything, but first and foremost because I was alone on the ground with my children, and they think it was so embarrassing. I was in so much pain that I could not stop howling."

From KK.No's report, "It is one of the most cruel things you can do. "How to be a bad mother!" I'm not getting over it yet. I said it was Ingrid's fault, because she had hooked up to my skis. But that was not true and laughs at her own stupidity." About her lung disease she said, "I loved so intensely to get things done, and it was a big part of myself. The strong lady who loved being out in nature. Now I can not do it the same way anymore, and am the one who keeps people back on track. The people have to go slowly too."