Welcome to The Royal Charter!

You might be familiar with our other blog RegalFille that documents the Life and Style of The Princess of Wales and Queen Letizia of Spain. We have been watching the Royal World for almost one and a half decade. We still remember reading news about William and Kate's love story and how Letizia secretly dated the Spanish Prince and no one knew!!!!

Writing about Catherine and Letizia had made us interested in writing about other Royals too. So we have started this new platform "The Royal Charter". Here we will be writing about other Royals, their daily appearances, Royal vaults and wardrobes. we will try to cover vast variety of topics covering Various Royal Families.

We would love to hear from you. What would like to read here on The Royal Charter. Share your thoughts and opinions on royal life and style but remember to be civil and constructively critic. Also English is not our first language so if you come across any grammar or language mistakes then do let us know.

So lets the journey begin !!!!!!!!!!!!