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King Felipe and Queen Letizia presented The Spanish Cooperation Scholarships

King Felipe and Queen Letizia presented The Spanish Cooperation Scholarships

King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain today presented the “Scholarships of The Spanish Cooperation #BECASQUECAMBIANVIDAS” at the Viana Palace in Madrid. The scholarships are a joint initiative of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and the Carolina Foundation that brings together partner countries of Spanish Cooperation and aimed at strengthening capacities through international academic mobility. The scholarships are given under the slogan “Scholarships that change lives, scholarships designed to promote the common good”.
King Felipe and Queen Letizia presented The Spanish Cooperation Scholarships in Madrid

Throughout its 74 editions, the Scholarship Programs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation (MAEC) and AECID have benefited more than 21,000 Spanish and foreign citizens. These scholarships revolve around three main lines of action: training and formation of human capital; the promotion of Spanish in foreign universities; and the promotion of the Arts and artistic residencies.

Addressing the gathering, King Felipe said, “It is necessary to promote and encourage the exchange, management and shared creation of knowledge. And this is precisely the message that these scholarships transmit. Their effect is real and visible in the short and long term because in addition to all the social and economic benefits they provide it brings together social plurality and the common effort of our companies, universities and Administrations, that enable the recipients and society to effectively face the challenges that concern us collectively.”
Queen Letizia chose a Hugo Boss look for Scholarship Presentation

For the day, Queen Letizia of Spain chose an elegant and professional look. Letizia was wearing a dark blue Hugo Boss V-neck Ibiaska Blouse. Shown here in pink.
Queen Letizia of Spain wore Hugo Boss V-neck Ibiaska Blouse
Hugo Boss V-neck Ibiaska Blouse

Crafted from bias-cut silk for timeless elegance the blouse has a regular fit with a high V neckline and flared sleeves for a distinctive look. The £249 blouse is currently on sale for £149 in light pink shade.

Queen Letizia of Spain was wearing her Hugo Boss Varima Belted High-waisted Skirt
Hugo Boss Varima Belted High-waisted Skirt

Queen Letizia paired the blouse with her sky blue Hugo Boss Varima Belted High-waisted Skirt that we first saw in June 2019 at the Royal Spanish Academy meeting.

Queen Letizia was wearing Magrit Monica Pumps
Magrit Monica Pumps

Queen was wearing her navy leather Magrit Monica Pumps and
Queen Letizia carried Carolina Herrera Baret clutch.
Carolina Herrera Baret clutch.

Carrying her Carolina Herrera Baret clutch.


Queen Letizia's Karen Hallam Signature Ring was not missing
Karen Hallam Signature Ring

Letizia finished her look with her Karen Hallam ring.

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