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Crown Princess of Sweden, Victoria, attended a Virtual Symposium on the Antarctic Ecosystem


Crown Princess of Sweden, Victoria, attended a Virtual Symposium on the Antarctic Ecosystem

Swedish Crown Princess, Victoria, attended a virtual Symposium on the Antarctic Ecosystem and changing climate. Crown Princess gave a speech from her Haga Palace, her official residence. The symposium was organized in connection with Sweden taking over the chairmanship of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR).

The symposium was organized by the Swedish Maritime Administration together with the Polar Research Secretariat, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the National Committee for Global Environmental Change. Speaking at the Symposium Victoria said,

We have great challenges ahead of us. In the waters around Antarctica, there are huge amounts of krill, lanterns and squid, among other things. They are in turn food for the earth’s by far the largest concentration of marine mammals and seabirds. They are efficient ecosystems – but also fragile. sensitive to disturbances of climate change, over-fishing and pollution. Antarctica depends on us – and we on Antarctica. The future of these species concerns us all.


During the symposium, it was discussed, among other things, what is the basis for the Swedish presence in Antarctica and what the biggest challenges for sustainable management look like today. Invited lecturers also talked about how Swedish research contributes to ecosystem-based management of Antarctica.

Crown Princess of Sweden wore Stella McCartney Arlo shirt
Stella McCartney Arlo shirt


For the speech, Crown Princess Victoria was wearing her Stella McCartney Arlo shirt.

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